Description: Romance is in the air with classical guitars and mandolins in concert with a floating violin. Set off on your gondola into the sunset

Description: Very cool espionage type track. Could be used for a film with burglers sneaking around a house about to get caught. Upright bass, jazzy drums and flute.

Description: Driving faster and faster you hit the tunnel. Darkness with yellow lights beg you to go faster until you hit the other side. But whats on the other side?

Description: The dead have arisen and they are on the prowl for flesh. Electronics take you on a journey into their world if you dare

Description: Are you kidding. This smooth and intense track gives you everything . coolness, intensity, and awesome beats

Description: Two lovers talk over coffee and come to a drastic conclusion. This track takes you where they are headed in a orchestral way

Description: The must have track of the century. Tense beginning with superlative drum track and deep bass.

Description: High intensity , highly combustible, awesome energetic track that is heart pumping

Description: Peaceful, romantic track written about the beauty of birth, life, and the journey

Description: Heavy industrial dark and disturbing. Amazing drum track and hard guitar over metal noises and base

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