Description: Light-hearted yet slightly wistful piece with French accordion and perky violin and xylophone runs. Builds to cascading finale.

Description: Wild West, cartoon style piece combining plucky accoustic guitar and Honky Tonk piano to create stereotypical cowboy gambling environment, useful for cartoon, video game or comedy projects.

Description: Dramatic James Bond/John Barry-style track. Features insistent harpsichord-based riff, short sax solo, tympani, drums, strings and horns. Track is in several parts, building from a quiet beginning and including horn stabs, building to an epic conclusion.

Description: Heroic brass instrumentation and war style drums combine to make a legendary battle style theme. The theme itself contains elements of hope and glory, which conveys a glorifying edge.

Description: Searing strings, orchestral bursts and deep dramatic brass segments create this epic style track designed for use with heroic tribute or war/military themed project. Excellent if used with gradual climatic scenes with a serious edge.

Description: Rugged retro 1980’s police hunt style piece with serious theme and elements throughout including subtle pauses with resumes to re-emphasize dramatic tension.

Description: Powerful detuned piano designed to combine with questioning bass and sharp harpsichord phrases climax to suggest serious, suspicious, dangerous mood.

Description: Crisp elements of Electric guitar combined with beautiful piano chords creates drifting atmosphere with hints of regret and sorrow.

Description: Traditional Indian style instrumentation with a hint of threat and menace symbolised by atonal elements, which could suggest regional conflict.

Description: Early horror genre feel featuring sharp elements of haunting classical motifs with sinister background wash.

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