Description: Battlefields, sweat, tension and weapons is the scenario evoked by the track. Would fit action, war, videogames and movie trailer

Description: Heroic and epic track. Big theme, powerful orchestra for the perfect hero track. Would work great in videogames, trailer, action, epic movie or history documentary

Description: Adrenalinic and super Action build-up track. Bombastic drum into explodes into a fast upbeat groove where guitars and strings are cutting through. Climax until the track ends. Perfect for trailer, action, production, drama and wherever tension needs to be underlined.

Description: Anxiety, perception of imminent fear. Is somebody chasing you and you are hidden in the dark? Perfect for psychological thriller, drama, horror, action. Ideal for trailer too

Description: Short Piano solo cue. emotional, ethereal, haunting, hopeful, hypnotic, intense, powerful, reflective

Description: Dramatic piano cue. Will underline perfectly any dramatic / emotional need