Description: Spring rain-drops of rain as the violin pizzicato rhythm rain hitting the leaves of trees and ends with a large shower in the execution of a large symphony orchestra!

Description: Colorful images in the processing of classical music and modern electronic instruments

Description: Royal fanfare with Scottish bagpipes and the orchestra of the drummers

Description: gentle quivering youthful love confession played on an acoustic guitar

Description: "Tale of the Wind", the next part of the trilogy of plays "Yaroslavna crying. Strong and powerful Russian poem created in true Slavic music tells the mode wind as the main character, the fate of Prince Igor and the heavy burden of the Russian people living under occupation in the Tatar-Mongol take part in the composition of the national-Siberian throat singing, bells, percussion, shamanistic spells and of course acoustic guitar

Description: Titanic, this bright and imaginative composition played the electric guitar and passed through a customized processor is essentially a new guitar sound that never again will any more where.! Temv composition consists of three parts 1 in the sea 2 iceberg 3. underwater Very powerful images, rapid transitions and emotion can be for any work