Description: a jazzy film score, with mood changes, comedy, satire, on a theme; featuring sax & trumpet.

Description: a somewhat laid back post bebop jazz theme, used on film, optimistic & experienced; featuring muted trumpet.

Description: orchestral film score, but quasi jazz and a hint of the old south, with harmonica and clarinet, on some interesting changes.

Description: a tale of the demonic, this orchestral film score, featuring male and female vocals is definitely on the dark side.

Description: complete theme in post be-bop laid back jazz, used for film score; featuring harmon muted trumpet.

Description: americana orchestral film score, with an optimistic, positive energy pushing a strong theme on a backbeat; featuring trumpets & horns.

Description: more majestically romantic, than adventure, this orchestral film score reaches a climactic section on trumpet.

Description: orchestral film score with a slight samba/latin feel, climatic moments, and a romantic mood of family love, featuring strings & horn & guitar.

Description: a creepy, macabre, orchestral underscorescore with a change-up big end, featuring vibes & celeste.

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