Description: A cool comedy Jazz track in the style of the big swing bands from the 30's and 40's all about food! If you need to convey food, eating, or a meal in your visual productions then this is the right track for you! The track is a full vocal mix with the lyrics constantly referencing 'give me food' and many other themes and topics associated with food and eating. A great track to place underneath food or eating visuals, or for where you need the music to tell a story or support the visuals. This track comes with lyrics and various alternate mixes and cuts.

Description: An intense and touching instrumental jazz track featuring piano, acoustic bass, drums, strings and guitar. This track is ideal for many kind of video productions, including movies, comedies, TV broadcasts in general.

Description: Elegant Jazz instrumental featuring piano, classic guitar, electric bass, acoustic drums and synth. Upbeat and lighthearted, it could sound perfect to underscore many types of videos about family, romance, love and free time.

Description: A jazzy and bluesy, short piano interlude. Great as bumper or transition.

Description: This blue piano rag has a reflective and slightly melancholy quality. For a similar cue with a more positive outlook, listen to Mood Paint's "The Harbor."

Description: Juxtaposed, Rambling, Unpredictable