Description: a big orchestral jazz film score, with a strong theme and dramatic build; featuring solo sax, solo trumpet.

Description: jazzy film score of a "film noir" feel, or satirical comedy, and mood changes to a dream sequence; featuring sax and trumpet.

Description: jazz, comedy, satire with a long underscore and strong themes; featuring flute, trumpet, sax.

Description: a jazzy film score, with mood changes, comedy, satire, on a theme; featuring sax & trumpet.

Description: jazz, comedy, satire or serious film score with a strong theme; featuring vibes, piano, trumpet, strings.

Description: a jazzy and comedic orchestral film score on a theme, that builds to a sax, to a mood change on muted trumpet.

Description: orchestral film score, but quasi jazz and a hint of the old south, with harmonica and clarinet, on some interesting changes.

Description: spy This is a spy and detective style music, full of groove and smoothness. great for james bond style scenes, investigation and criminal background, funny and comical police and detective trailers and much more.

Description: An intense and touching instrumental jazz track featuring piano, acoustic bass, drums, strings and guitar. This track is ideal for many kind of video productions, including movies, comedies, TV broadcasts in general.

Description: A sophisticated jazz instrumental track great for any TV/movie scene, romantic video, documentary, hotel lounge paylist, sexy entertainment footages and night club. Super Smooth Jazz featuring piano, acoustic guitar, electric jazz guitar, strings and drums. Perfect for any sweet subject.

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