Description: We walk in a dark fantasy dungeon. Darkness surrounds us and ghosts are walking in this crypt, and skeletons and ghouls are hiding behind every corner. Or it could be a haunted cemetary, or old cathedral. Perfect for a video in-game scenario or spooky moment in a film.

Description: The sly pirate walks around on his deck! Tricky, fun playful and whimsical little song with tuba, bassoon, flute and percussion. Whacky Pirates on funny adventures or why not a pack of adventuring gnomes!? Background or title music for video games, apps, tales, stories and cartoons on TV and film! Variants: 1:00 / 0:30 and 0:40 Loop.

Description: A dark and scary ambient track featuring didgeridoo and Tibetan Monks.

Description: Strange noises for a short bad moment

Description: Scary orchestral cue that resembles the music in "The shining"

Description: Ghostly sounding Harpsichord melody plays throughout accompanied by eerie strings and moody piano chords to add a sense of fear and danger.

Description: Suspenseful dark ambient track with a spooky atmosphere. Would work great in a thriller or horror video.

Description: dark horror orchestral track with unsettling string section.

Description: Creepy music box melody overlaying a low haunting choir, cellos and basses with ghostly voices coming in and out. Gives the feeling of ghostly apparitions and is perfect for an opening to any horror film, paranormal or halloween program. Would also work well as an underscore.

Description: piano and choral based theme - dark mysterious.

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