Description: We are in an abandoned town with the stench of rotten corpses and a mix of dangerous chemicals. Mutants and/or zombies or alien monsters sneak arond the corners. Darkness, and mist floats through the streets. Spooky background music for a film or a video game.

Description: A bombastic electronic horror epic with searing synth leads, driving bass stabs and ominous new age textures.

Description: Dark and ominous electronic piece with glitchy percussion, bizarre textures, and creepy synth sounds. Themes include innocence lost, childhood naivety, feeling out of control, being lied to, and just outright frightened and confused.

Description: Almost 8 minutes worth of eerie, dark soundscapes involving noise from analog synthesis (Arturia Minibrute) giving it the perfect feeling of an old deserted haunted building.

Description: airy horror chords of insomnia interlaced with electronic rhythms and an unexpected uplifting choral melody

Description: the raven, edgar alan poe, gothic rock.

Description: Dark, Mysterious, Horror, Terror, Dramatic, Tension, Halloween

Description: Serious, rhythmic, pensive TV/Film underscore. A dangerous situation, time running out. Hiding or searching for the bad guy, chasing or gearing up for conflict or battle. Perhaps a terrorist conspiracy, international conflict or frantic intelligence gathering. Good for thriller, chiller, political drama, etc.

Description: Suspense, Doom, Tension, Edgy, Ominous, Atmospheric, Strange, Haunting, Stirring, Moody,Mysterious, Suspenseful, Apprehensive, Foreboding, Worried, Dark, Eerie, Anticipating, Building,Pulsating, Cautious, Intense, Evil, Menacing, Creepy

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