Description: We are in an abandoned town with the stench of rotten corpses and a mix of dangerous chemicals. Mutants and/or zombies or alien monsters sneak arond the corners. Darkness, and mist floats through the streets. Spooky background music for a film or a video game.

Description: the raven, edgar alan poe, gothic rock.

Description: part 1 of a 15 minute experimental dark ambient piece.

Description: a rhythm based drum and synth track for an escape sequence or scene.

Description: Odyssey 13 is an upbeat futuristic song that leaves you wondering what the aliens might be listening to on planet X.

Description: This Horror Background is perfect for spooky movies and games! This background gives you that eerie feeling of being in mysterious places like haunted house, dark forest full of spirits and ghosts or even in another world or Hell. Watch out! Your are not alone… Main Genre: mystery video, horror game, horror film, scary background, suspense thriller.

Description: a dark and foreboding track using piano and strings. it has a strong pulsing feel without a distinct melody.

Description: recorded at 63 bpm, the arrangement seeks to capture frankenstein's gait or walking speed. a powerful cello arrangement completes the ambience of paranoia...

Description: dark and brooding orchestral track to set a forboding introduction scene.

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