Description: part 1 of a 15 minute experimental dark ambient piece.

Description: Dark, Mysterious, Horror, Terror, Dramatic, Tension, Halloween

Description: A Heavy synth Rock groove for a zombie action environment. Although could be used for any type of intense action piece.

Description: Haunting ethereal score for your favorite underground ruins. Ambient noises and industrial waste products litter the aural landscape while the distant echo of extinct civilizations foretells of a dystopian future.

Description: A bassy synth mix mash of themes that can be used for Horror films. Part Action, part somber, part explosive.

Description: This musical composition combines the retro style of the 80s with a modern approach to sound formation. Used emulations of old synthesizers with their characteristic sound in combination with the latest technologies for creating musical effects. The melody of the all music tracks is decorated with unexpected sounds that contribute to creating an interest in further listening to music.

Description: a rhythm based drum and synth track for an escape sequence or scene.

Description: Industrial Tribal Ambient marching song. War Horns playing, heavy synths following the rhythm of battle. Industrial sounds going from right to left, left to right.

Description: Glitchy breakbeat madness with somber melodious chimes and vibraphone tones. Contemporary IDM fused with an ominous horror score.

Description: Horror Nighttime Chills. A scary and haunting horror atmosphere with element of thriller, 80s horror films, and haunting vibes. A very suspenseful piece of mystery music that will have you on the edge of your seat! Dark, dangerous, deadly and creepy, full of tension, fear and suspense, great for horror films, crime TV shows and detective tv programs.