Description: Horrifying and shocking with a feel of an ominous presence or danger in the style of Halloween and Friday The 13th. Combining orchestration, music box melodies and synths, this piece is a scary ride from the start. Perfect for horror projects, thrillers, suspense, mysteries, dramas, games or Halloween advertisements.

Description: Whimsical Halloween or horror music. Upbeat, fast and flowing Kooky parody of classic sixties TV comic horror themes. Features electronic organs, electric guitar, brass and electronic fx. Perfect for radio and television commercials for horror theme parks, childrens TV, comedy or parody. 60sec and 30sec full and no fx mixes

Description: Impending dangerous situation. Light tension underscore for those dramatic moments when you know something horrible is about to happen. Open with strings drone with fx and heartbeat, then piano figures plus orchestral fx, to a sting crescendo then resolve chord. Perfect for drama, horror, comedy. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Gentile, melancholic and reflective echoes of the past, in a slightly whimsical and light-hearted waltz. Warm and fuzzy memories, of a favourite place or character. Reminiscent of the Victorian or Edwardian period. Ideal for dramedy, comedy, cinema, childrens fairytale and TV or Radio commercials. Main and underscore mixes, in full, 60sec, 30sec and sting versions

Description: Dark, sinister, dramatic & powerful underscore. Has a real flavour of evil forces stirring, with the London Male Voice Choir and cathedral organ. Perfect for serious documentaries looking into evils of the past, dark dramas, even spoof horror. Main version, 60sec and 30sec cuts

Description: Spooky organ chimes, theatre style orchestra with choir, and Harp elements creates a slow spooky melody useful for horror projects. Suitable background music to create a spooky atmosphere with a mysterious theme.

Description: Hey Diddle Diddle Twisted Up. A weird but wonderful piece of horror nursery rhymes. Full of twisted horror, scary mysterious and suspensful sounds, and deadly thriller music, blending with the innocence of kids and sweet nursery rhymes! The perfect blend of naughty but nice! A classic scary nursery rhyme!

Description: Scary Aliens from another planet are loose! The perfect theme for that Alien Horror film! A scary and haunting piece of Horror / Thriller music with elements of murder, mystery, death, danger and suspense! Very Scary, tense and ominous with plenty of suspense and fear! A great piece of Horror / psychological thriller music for all your scary projects!

Description: Nostalgic, mysterious and melancholic tune. Slow and melancholic mystery. Crime/Drama TV or video games, adventures, old and dark houses. Dark piano plays softly with a hint of sadness (or threat) with emotional strings to remind of old memories Variants: 1:11 / 1:00 Loop

Description: Piano, cello and violin. Dark and mysterious tune. Talking a slow walk and thinking about the past. Melancholic thoughts of the past, the dark past. Walking around in an abandoned house, looking drawers and taking a look at old photos. Maybe there is some lurking secret in this old house?

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