Description: mysterious/suspense underscore - full drums - rising to dischordant orchestral climax.

Description: Creepy music box melody overlaying a low haunting choir, cellos and basses with ghostly voices coming in and out. Gives the feeling of ghostly apparitions and is perfect for an opening to any horror film, paranormal or halloween program. Would also work well as an underscore.

Description: Horrifying and shocking with a feel of an ominous presence or danger in the style of Halloween and Friday The 13th. Combining orchestration, music box melodies and synths, this piece is a scary ride from the start. Perfect for horror projects, thrillers, suspense, mysteries, dramas, games or Halloween advertisements.

Description: orchestral, horror track, can be used to create suspense.

Description: Short intro with eerie textures, gives a very tense and dark feeling to any project.

Description: piano and choral based theme - dark mysterious.

Description: Strange noises for a short bad moment

Description: Death, horror, suffering, tears of pain and sorrow, grief...all these and more sum up the essence of the terror we realize through Life taking tracks such as this. By Film Composer Jeremy Khawaja. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Halloween Horror Music.

Description: Creepy simple backgroung tunes with discordant sounds: dark and eveil

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