Description: Horror experimental tracks, with scary piano and odd noises

Description: The perfect trailer track for horror and sci-fi. Ominous atmoshperes at the beginning drift into a powerful theme with guitars and drums. Great ending with toypiano

Description: A song that can be used for trailers, or any type of action sequence for any type of indie thriller or horror film.

Description: Same piece as Something Creepy Slow Mix, but with a more synth feel.

Description: A Somber piece for use in a horror film for when characters either discover their fate or need to make a decision about their fate.

Description: Ambient Piano Drum sequence can be used for a dream, or build to a action sequence within a horror film.

Description: Ominous theme with a bell rhythm. Can easily be used for a terrifying moment as well as an unexpected or expected death sequence in a harrowing situation.

Description: A blue grass stule action piece that incorps electric guitar with synth drums and bassline. Could be used for horror, or action pieces.

Description: a night time scene, where the wrong man is right around the corner, and he is closing in on you.