Description: Ominous dangerous and scary track will work well under a dark tense picture. Powerful cinematic composition.Suitable for action or dramatic scenes in films,games,trailers.

Description: Mysterious, suspenseful track with dark synths and pulsating beat.

Description: Chilling Horror/Suspense track with spooky orchestral arrangements.

Description: Tense, gripping track with dark orchestral instruments, synths and powerful percussion. Great for Horror, Thriller or Suspense scenes. Builds into a franetic climax.

Description: Spooky orchestral piece with additional synths. Gradually builds throughout into a dramatic finale.

Description: Very tense and spooky track with orchestral instruments and synths. Great for horror, thriller or suspense scene.

Description: This song combines the retro style of the ‘60s with a modern approach to creating the chamber sound of musicians. Melodious compositions are rather rhythmic and energetic due to active drums and sonorous double bass, but this does not interfere with easy listening. In the music track you can hear a lot of echoes of garage Blues music, serf-roll, folk and primitive psychedelics.

Description: Eerie ghostly haunting instrumental with wavy effect.Ideal sea,space,possibly Dracula.