Description: Ominous dangerous and scary track will work well under a dark tense picture. Powerful cinematic composition.Suitable for action or dramatic scenes in films,games,trailers.

Description: Mysterious, suspenseful track with dark synths and pulsating beat.

Description: Chilling Horror/Suspense track with spooky orchestral arrangements.

Description: Tense, gripping track with dark orchestral instruments, synths and powerful percussion. Great for Horror, Thriller or Suspense scenes. Builds into a franetic climax.

Description: Spooky orchestral piece with additional synths. Gradually builds throughout into a dramatic finale.

Description: Very tense and spooky track with orchestral instruments and synths. Great for horror, thriller or suspense scene.

Description: This is one sound out of a collection of science fiction sounds, soundscapes and ambience that can immerse you in the universe of a game where discoveries are made and machines are working in the distance.

Description: Dynamic and cinematic sound and can be very useful in any kind of project, presentations, commercial and corporate works even games. Big Drums and tension is so high.

Description: Horror Sound, scary and tension fear sound, you can use it in any kind of projects that has dramatic panic feeling in it. You can use it in games, AE projects, presentations, openings, corporate and commerce projects...