Description: A dark epic Cinematic Soundtrack. Field drums with deep voices, strings and electric guitar. Good for dark mystical TV film or movie themes.

Description: Suspense, thriller and horror track, with strange noises and sounds. Walking and moving across a scary ambient, hounted house, nightmare, visions. scary marsh.

Description: A dark and heavy track featuring piano, scary bass synths, and huge booms. Check out the the dark shift the music takes at 1:23.

Description: Abstract and creepy track with some orchestral, synths and piano elements.

Description: Extreme Horror music track adult supervision is recommended. Totally disturbing sound bed that reaches the darkest corners of your mind, Various synth pads combine to create this psychological disturbance. For Film and Television. Criminal Investigation, Cold Case Unsolved.

Description: Dramatic and ethereal music for dark post-apocalyptic landscapes.

Description: Calm creepy ambient horror track at a slow tempo which opens with deep strings shortly joined by light electric repeating piano theme and dramatic strings soon joined thereafter with distant mellow horns and haunting vocals. Holloween Thriller, Dramatic Film and, Instrumental, Horror, Horror Ambience

Description: Rock song based on firm groove, guitar riffs and retro and modern synths. Ideal for technology videos but could be used in end titles or cinematic projects.

Description: Very dark and spooky track with piano and haunting synth pads. Perfect for horror/suspense/thriller/science fiction use!

Description: Deeply eerie and disturbing music box melody overlaying a low haunting choir, cellos and creepy ghostly voices that makes your skin crawl. This terrifying piece is perfect for any horror, paranormal, suspense, mystery project, intense games, Halloween adverts or anything needing an ominous feel.