Description: A fiendish synth hisses over barking symphonic strings in this suspense cue. After a few exclamatory chants, it boils over into stereophonic gore. Do Advanced search for related themes. Tags: mp-pulse; Artist: moodpaint

Description: Bass woodwinds mope along, expressing irony, disgust, and hints of a threat in this grotesque piece. Use during a satirical lapse in morbid horror or dark comedy.

Description: A brooding electronic dirge makes its slow descent to the underworld. Chilling in a late 1970s gothic horror style.

Description: A haunting theme, this track has a slow music box melody, but it sounds eerie and gloomy. Soon a distorted organ kicks in, menacing, along with an odd ghostly effect that comes in and out until the end. A moody and slightly disturbing piece.

Description: Atmospheric dramatic melody, describe dark negative mood, fear and fatality sense. Best for video games, video, or your ears. Instruments: violin section, epic drums, horn, pizzicato strings.

Description: Creepy film music with church bell, spooky whispering, metal noises and synthesizer – suitable for spooky, scary and dramatic film scenes.

Description: Rising Tension is a horror - cinematic trailer track, also check out the 3 different loops plus the "only finale" version and customize the track in any way you'd like.

Description: Background music for the film, games, video, etc. music has a mystical character

Description: Disturbing tones with a pulsating bass, and violin scratching and something playing inside of a piano. At :54 a piano melody enters with an element of things may be okay ... is it?

Description: Dark ambient moods start this piece. Things turn at :41 with a string 'stab' at 1:00. Terror starts to ensue thereafter with different climaxes. At 2 minutes in, the fun begins with a swelling choir and big climax.