Description: 50 sec hard tech trailer with trap sounds and synthethic effects. It can perfectly fit as movie trailer in the horror style. It's conceived to underscore spoken parts of your movie and underline their pathos. Download a demo and try it on your movie trailer.

Description: An action trailer music with a mystic touch Key: C minor Tempo: 100 bpm

Description: Dramatic, epic orchestral piece with gripping strings lines and spooky synths.

Description: This track is giving a feeling of something cold and mournful, covered with fog.

Description: This track is giving a feeling of something huge in the nature, volcanoes, mountains, burned fields.

Description: Intense, dramatic & big cinematic action thriller featuring full orchestra. On the edge, waiting for the moment the killer strikes. Full of movement & atmosphere, with dramatic strikes & epic movie tense orchestrations. Perfect for horror, thriller, action & dangerous moments. Various mixes, 60sec, 30sec & stings

Description: A dark cinematic piece intended to be used mostly in horror, thriller, and drama movies.

Description: A short suspense choir-based track perfectly suitable for horror and thriller movies.

Description: Dark horror soundscape. You never know what will happen after

Description: A dark soundscape suitable for horror action fear suspense scenes