Description: "Dead City" is an electronic cinematic track with industrial downtempo dark and twisted mood,Perfect for dark,aggressive and mysterious scenes 

Description: “The Man Inside” – The Realm of Darkness closes in! A scary haunting track blending elements of Horror, thriller and suspense music with a big drums. Great for a blockbuster horror film, or a cool horror,scary movie trailers and epic war productions!

Description: Gothic horror score with orchestra and choir.

Description: Dark orchestral track with a classical scary movie sound. Could be used for an opening scene or the intro of scary movie video.

Description: This track has a very dark & scary theme, it also have a very threatening atmosphere, you can fit it to any prison or any dreadful scene.

Description: The Apocalypse! The End Of The World. ideal for trailers

Description: Perfect for an dark opening prologue underscore, “Deadly Prologue” begins rather understated, creepy, and mysterious – and grows in intensity, dynamics and emotion.

Description: Heavy on the drums and abrasive, “Graveyard Chase” is the chillingly perfect track for those chilling and intense horror flick sequences. Designed to be emotionally uneasy, I’d suggest listening with the lights on.

Description: An intense action\horror chase track—I imagine this is what would be playing if I were chased through a labyrinth of sewer pipes by demented clowns and serial killers.

Description: Morbid and grotesquely creepy “Time In The Dark” is the haunting sound of time passing as one learns to accept their fate. Perfect for any horror film or haunted house, the deliciously dark voices on this track give you an intensely uneasy feeling.