Description: Disturbing piano melody with strings.

Description: Horror film or horror game cinematic soundtrack. Very spooky & frightening atmosphere. Don't listen this at night, otherwise this thing will scare a huge crap out of you :)

Description: "Dead City" is an electronic cinematic track with industrial downtempo dark and twisted mood,Perfect for dark,aggressive and mysterious scenes 

Description: “The Man Inside” – The Realm of Darkness closes in! A scary haunting track blending elements of Horror, thriller and suspense music with a big drums. Great for a blockbuster horror film, or a cool horror,scary movie trailers and epic war productions!

Description: Disturbing tones with a pulsating bass, and violin scratching and something playing inside of a piano. At :54 a piano melody enters with an element of things may be okay ... is it?

Description: Dark ambient moods start this piece. Things turn at :41 with a string 'stab' at 1:00. Terror starts to ensue thereafter with different climaxes. At 2 minutes in, the fun begins with a swelling choir and big climax.

Description: A mellow undertone with a friendly 'out-of-tune' piano theme is the beginning. At 2 mins. into this cue, it switches to a sinister tone with the piano 'falling apart'. At 3 mins. it goes back to a more subdued tone.

Description: Gothic horror score with orchestra and choir.

Description: Dark orchestral track with a classical scary movie sound. Could be used for an opening scene or the intro of scary movie video.

Description: This track has a very dark & scary theme, it also have a very threatening atmosphere, you can fit it to any prison or any dreadful scene.