Description: Typical Crime - Horror - Adventure - Climax ! Perfect as background music.

Description: Creepy film music with church bell, spooky whispering, metal noises and synthesizer – suitable for spooky, scary and dramatic film scenes.

Description: Dark and Violent Orchestral Track appropriate for teaser trailers in the style of Prometheus, Alien and many horrors. The tracks escalates form this gate SoundFx to very Big cinematic orchestra.

Description: Ominous dangerous and scary track will work well under a dark tense picture. Powerful cinematic composition.Suitable for action or dramatic scenes in films,games,trailers.

Description: A mysterious atmospheric music with mysterious choir and weird voices. Dramatic energy which can be used like musical background in the film, video, games, slideshows and so forth.

Description: Atmospheric dramatic melody, describe dark negative mood, fear and fatality sense. Best for video games, video, or your ears. Instruments: violin section, epic drums, horn, pizzicato strings.

Description: Orchestral film score with low brass and strings on a motif and everyone else on pure horror rant.

Description: There a darkness in the air swallowing the light. Something is feeding on the safety of the characters in this scene. - evolving synth landscape - bell arpeggio - very ominous lead

Description: An illusory and haunting track followed by piano, orchestral bells, choirs, synth, e-guitar FX, strings, brass and beats. Fits with all types of epic/action thrill production.

Description: A dark and mysterious melody with drums. Great for any kind of dark film.