Description: (do not miss from 1.10) Symphonic orchestra and choirs for a scaring high impact sound in the style of EVIL DEAD. Orchestral FX and different mood sections: slow and fast alternated; anxiety and suspense vs melodic piano vs orchestral power. Good for videogames / movies; many climax points and stops. Scary with unexpected impact leaving the panic grows to the shout. SLOW / FAST (0.32) / SLOW (0.55) / FAST (1.10) Available also without choirs and other alternate cues. Action Adventure Horror Gothic Macabre Monsters Supernatural Vampires Trailer Sci-Fi Videogames Mystery Hollywood Army Paranormal

Description: (do not miss from 1.27) Powerful classical orchestration, no hybrid rhythms or synths added. The sound is dark and gloomy and there are many variations of the high-tension theme (first appear at 0.37). Scary, impressive and strong sound of hell. Available 60 sec cue. Action Adventure Epic Gothic Horror Trailer Videogames Hollywood Fight Fantasy Army Supernatural Mystery Sci-Fi

Description: A powerful and epic track with a tense, thrilling mysterious atmosphere. Dramatic gothic strings and dark brass, beautiful themes and rich percussions. Builds-up with bombastic orchestral crescendo to great heroic tension. Many sections and easy cut points. Available narrative no melodies version / 60 / 30 sec cues.

Description: Powerful and epic dramatic cinematic track that your viewers will remember. Tensive, heroic, gothic with big drums, melodic strings, big percussions and epic brass. High impact from war scenes to horror, thriller,cinematic majestic action, adventure, fantasy, trailer. Hitpoints, breaks, easy to cut. Available also 60 / 30 sec cues.

Description: Instrumental music composed for orchestra and choirs. The music is very ominous and dark, and fits perfectly in horror movies. It starts with a very deep drums in the background, and it's acompained by a glockenspiel. The melody is featured by an improvisational oboe. Later the music sounds harder and percussive while the piece becomes gradually more aggressive.. like a journey straight to the hell. Good for horror films and ominous scenes in productions. Also advertising.

Description: Instrumental music composed with synthesizers and piano, describing disturbing and sickening scenes. Very good and useul for films and TV series with horror and wreck topics. Also for psycho-killer and suspense topics talking about someone with a very ill mind or a very twisted serial killer. Also good for reports and docs talking about the dark side of the human nature.

Description: A dark, horror-suspense filled, dynamic piece with sounds of marching feet, industrial pulses and thundering drums interweaved with demonic sounds and orchestral strings and brass. A middle section features a traveler organ to offer a dramatic interlude.

Description: Eerie harps, strings, guitars and whooshes set the mood for the macabre and odd world of mischievous spirits in this instrumental loop.

Description: Mysterious X-Files theme featuring a modern Orchestra, spooky Female singers, choir, soaring strings, brass & percussion. This media track will suit many genres incl. action, Halloween, horror, thriller and more!

Description: Orchestral horror action music! Stalkers chasing their target in the dark or undead enemies on the move need this suspenseful track to accompany them. Chopping string rhythms march angrily towards a big, dissonant climax. This would work in spy movies, quirky zombie horror, or dramatic scary Halloween showdowns.