Description: Classical acoustic guitar style composition with added flute and mellow electric guitar soloing. Emotional and meditative: good for use as ambient background music for beautiful natural scenery or even wedding videos.

Description: Serene, calm and contemplative acoustic guitar instrumental. Easy-going, light and peaceful.

Description: Starts with a lone classical harpsichord, later joined by a fuller orchestral sound including woodwinds, tympani, strings and male choral. A beautiful melody which could work as theme music in many types of multimedia productions

Description: Classical-style track with a relaxed, thoughtful pace. Minimal instrumentation with a focus on a pretty, lighthearted,wistful melody.

Description: A classic track with instrumental sound arrangement. It is like a piece of music in spring. This sounds like an opera song. Magical and real. The beginning sounds like something from the Victorian times. Arrangement is perfect and instrumentals are absolutely divine. It is quite religious-like and holy sounding. This song has almost a Christmas time feel. Something you would hear in a department store shopping for clothes during the holidays. Nice introductory melody on what sounds like a violin. this is backed and harmonizes perfectly with the cello in the background. The choir at 0.50 is a nice touch and adds to the uniqueness of this piece. The introduction of the vocals in as the track progresses enhances the quality of the piece which mixes with the harpsichord. The mood of the track is relaxing and delightful. It's a lullaby! This synthesizer/computer generated song is very heavy, dragging, baroque, dramatic, and sad...for the most part of the song. Very surreal synthetic classical music here. The sound has that children program sound to it as if it were being composed for a drama .The ghostly vocal vibes that add a choir effect to the mix give it a chill. A bit odd sounding without any visuals to go with it. The guitar bit is so cheesy. A sudden turn in the end added taste to the song. Well put together work. Very impressive.

Description: A curious and bouncy soundtrack combining elements of rock, humor and classical drama. Straight out of a Tim Burton movie. circus confused corpse bride curious danny elfman different eclectic frankenweenie helena bonham carter johnny depp kitschy mysterious nightmare before christmas odd quirky strange twisted unique unpredictable waltz

Description: Downtempo progressive rock 'ballad' with soaring melodies. A little sad and melancholic. Haunting, light, contemplative and meditative. Based around a soft melody played with violins, choral voices, organ and other orchestral instruments, plus some expressive rock guitar.

Description: Dainty, heartwarming, peaceful and elegant melody which brings to mind the images wind-up toy ballerinas, Candy-canes, snowflakes and sleigh-bells. A neoclassical minuet from a neoclassical ballet.