Description: minimalist, gentle, tender piano piece.

Description: slow, spacious, yearning, emotional piece featuring french horn, piano and strings.

Description: A dark but expansive theme for piano, clarinets and strings: a little mysterious or with hidden promise

Description: A sparse yet lyrical piece for piano, reeds and strings: reflective, thoughtful and poised

Description: A sunny, breezy piece for horn, strings, piano and percussion that evokes meadows, innocense and child-like memories with a hint of regret

Description: A suspenseful, portentious, yet gentle piece for piano, horns and percussion

Description: A sentimental but beautiful piece with a reflective, romantic quality, on piano and strings

Description: A Yearning, lyrical, sentimental piece, ideal for a touching dramatic scene or as a title theme: strings, harp & piano.

Description: A taught, tense, piece with hidden menace and a sense of impending doom. Minimalistic, with piano, strings and oboe.

Description: gentle, thoughtful, minimal, wistful piece featuring piano and strings.