Description: Carefree and cheerful track. Suitable for kids fun, comedy videos and games. Enjoy and thanks for rating!

Description: Fulfilling and thoughtful piano track with strings, disturbing synths and deep tones . Seems like the social video about something important. When needing an emotional background, nothing can match the elegance of the piano solo. Tense Piano Background is a beautiful piano composition. Let the piano fill your project with emotions. Great for social commercials, advertisements, films, television and dramatic video

Description: Some sadness with rhodes, bells and electric guitar

Description: Adventure tune in Indiana Jones style

Description: Fun loop with piano and bells for games or children activity

Description: Inspirational and light-hearted piano track with strings and bells. Bright and careless composition. Seems like the discovering of something amazing. This beautiful and inspiring piano piece is perfectly suited for social film, advertising, wedding or motivational videos. One for all the moments of strength, inspiration, wonder, pride and dedication.

Description: A very peaceful track that is meant to evoke feelings of hope, dreams and love. When needing an inspirational and emotional background, nothing can match the lovely elegance of the piano. Romantic Piano Impressions is a beautiful piano composition. Let this fulfilling piece fill your project with hopeful and joyful emotion. Great for commercials, advertisements, films, television, and wedding videos. А sense of tenderness, innocence and grace.

Description: Soft and Beautiful classical piano track. Perfect as background music for TV commercial, social media project, documentary film, photoalbum and more

Description: Inspirational and upbeat piano track with driving rock part in the middle. Fast and careless composition. Seems like the beginning of something amazing. This driving and inspiring piano piece has a multitude of uses, it’s simplicity means it can be used as a score to productions that need motivation, positivity or even a ‘classical’ feel.

Description: Epic, powerful and inspirational background music! Epical track is perfect for trailer, background, advertising, historical film, movie about superheroes, teaser and many other projects! Good for dramatic ending, moments of hope and inspiring, intro, military, motivation, patriotic, score, trailer, triumphant, video game. Featuring a building orchestra with energetic symphonic strings, piano, strong percussion, and choir.

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