Description: Tender and moving, this song will engage your audience in your next dramatic project. Sentimental and searching your audience will feel the heartwarming drama as it unfolds on the screen. This song features a piano and electric guitar.

Description: Blow your mind! Get a grip on this groovy 1960’s retro track. It’s psychedelic man! Your audience will have a blast feeling the free love flow from this background music as they chill out. Engage in a ‘60s spy spoof by adding this production to your - Cinematic, Dramatic, Action, Adenture Film Trailer, - Movie Intro, Film or TV Credits Opener - Retro cinematic sequences - Background for videos - Cinematic after effects projects - Music for Youtube Thank You for your purchase! Let us know what project this song is used in by sending us a link

Description: This modern epic 2 part film trailer begins with big drums, percussion, piano and strings with a mysterious and heartwarming nostalgic feeling theme which builds to a dramatic transition into an energetic band that takes us to a climatic conclusion. Great for any video or projects that needs compelling and emotional cue that takes the listener on a musical journey.

Description: Honor your clients by choosing this as an underscore to your next award ceremony, tribute, or competition. It stirs emotions in the heart like Bravery, Courage, Passion, Enthusiasm, and Motivation. It will inspire your clients to sign up for the team, contribute to the cause or join the fight. It will give your audience passion, persistence and a purpose!

Description: A dynamic and suspenseful song that is perfect for a covert operation of Bourne magnitude. Join us on a dynamic, covert, danger filled mission as you enjoy this tune. Perfect for a Cinematic or Video setting.

Description: This Olympic Opening styled piece is a high energy track that creates a positive, motivational environment. Epic tune great for dramatic movie scenes, dynamic product launches, video background music, sporting events, and dramatic action scenes.

Description: Utopia describes the feeling of this song. This song creates a place where everything is perfect. It is the ideal background music for videos or film productions. This cinematic dream features Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion. This production is perfect for: - Cinematic, Dramatic, Film Trailer, - Movie Intro, Film or TV Credits Opener - Happy and emotional cinematic sequences - Background for videos - dramatic cinematic after effects projects - Music for Youtube Thank You for your purchase! Let us know what project this song is used in by sending us a link.

Description: Soaring and piercing the human heart, this piece will lift your audience to new patriot and heroic levels. Cinematic in nature, they will feel like they are in the moment albeit they are still in their seats. It is perfect for placement in a movie, TV series, award ceremony, documentary, military event, advertisement or historical celebration. This is a song you can’t pass up.

Description: Building and Beautiful, this underscore features piano and strings with an underlying pulsating synth sounds. It is beautiful, timeless, and inspiring. Get lost in the gorgeous melodies and escape today’s agenda with all its demands. It will motivate and refresh your audience all at once.

Description: Are you needing to set just the right sentimental or nostalgic moment? This simple instrumentation creates a slow, tender dramatic scene. The simplistic piano melodies backed by fading french horn, strings and woodwinds. Your audience will experience tranquility and a time of reflection.

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