Description: A classic western hero theme. You be the good, let them be the bad and the ugly ;)

Description: Heavy rock guitars and driving drums for your fight scene.

Description: String and percussion stabs with a dramatic sound build to an epic drop off. Perfect for your villains and heroes!

Description: Simple, percussive, and memorable. Orchestral strings and percussion repeat dramatic march while chords slowly evolve. This is the theme for YOUR villains.

Description: Starts with a dramatic and optimistic, hopeful sounding chord progression played with strings. Orchestral percussion joins in and piece develops to an unresolved conclusion...perfect for your characters' next move!

Description: Evolving low rumble pad develops tension towards your next scene.

Description: Drums and strings in a dramatic action sting!

Description: Starts with orchestral heavy drums and adds in a running low piano line. Aggressive strings and woodwinds build into digital noise. Fast percussion and strings move listener in final movement in the piece. Perfect to builds and movements into fight scenes. Great for f

Description: Begins with electronic elements over a progressive beat. Strings and choir build with chords while violins play a melody. The piece crescendos and builds to a heavy hitting rock song with distorted guitars and live drum set. Excellent for action movies.

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