Description: Massive Allmighty Choir track, full of might and power! Epic booming choir compliments chello & basses ostinatum, heroic horns and heavy & tasty percussion. For blockbuster cinematic products e.g. epic trailers, game trailers, motivational videos, intense sport commercials, and God. :)

Description: Dynamic and emotional piano track with a repetitive 'happy but sad', 'bitter but sweet' feel.

Description: A dramatic choir & orchestra piece in hollywood style, startinglow-key and gradually building up to the triumphant finale.

Description: Short and punchy drums for sport intros, advertising, punchy presentations, ceremonies, chase scenes, anything soccer / football related etc.

Description: Short epic jingle for sport Youtube channels, epic intros, newscasts and all alike!

Description: Epic choir and orchestra soundtrack, slowly building up to the grand and triumphant finale. Featuring full string section, beautiful soft warm pads and full mixed choir. In best Hollywood traditions - Hans Zimmer (Inception's 'Time'), Steve Jablonsky, Two Steps from Hell and alike.

Description: Short powerful action piece for epic intros, short action trailers, powerful sport stuff and alike!

Description: Short but epic orchestral intro with an uplifting feel of something unfolding. In best hollywood traditions of Two Steps from Hell, Immediate Music, Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky etc.

Description: Short and sunny piano piece in fast tempo and high notes with a tearful melody, happy and warm. Similar to Yann Tiersen, Carly Comando, Philip Glass, Joe Hisaishi, Ludovico Einaudi.

Description: Very epic choir and orchestra soundtrack, with very intense action feel. Featuring full string section, heroic horn section and full mixed choir.

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