Description: Powerful orchestral score which is eminently suitable for action and adventure.

Description: Monumental and powerful orchestral score which is eminently suitable for action and adventure. Dark, dramatic and with a heroic touch, with energetic strings, electronic sounds, deep drums and choir.

Description: Dreamy-romantic Piano Ballade featuring a catchy melody and viola with violin . Perfect as film score!

Description: Epic-dramatic, exciting orchestral Score track featuring a catchy theme, impulsive strings, heroic horns and soprano. Electric guitar and passionate drums provide for a modern touch and action!

Description: Powerful and heroic full orchestral score track featuring dramatic and energetic violin. Impulsive piano, epic french horns and dynamic percussion. Sounds very menacing, confident and energetic. Perfect for action scenes

Description: Epic, romantic-melancholic yet positive Pop Ballad featuring a dreamy piano melody, solo violin, strings, a choir pad, gentle synths and a laid-back beat with mighty percussions. Great as film score!

Description: Romantic film score title with a gently melancholic and warm sound. Emotional piano piece with electric voice, bells and strings. Ideal for romantic film scenes.

Description: Intense, downtempo action track, with a full orchestra, percussion and atmospheric, electronic sounds. Perfect for adventure and action trailers.

Description: Powerful, modern and orchestral Score track full of action. Featuring a menacing bass, exciting strings, SFX and an impulsive breakbeat.