Description: I wrote this piece thinking of specific 80's dark comedy films. It has a horror type sound, however at times the mood lightens during it. Essentially this piece would be perfect during the intro to a horror/comedy film or perhaps a game/app that involves darker subject matter.

Description: A piece that is perfect for a film company intro. At the start of films or videos this is excellent for the logo of the production company.

Description: A perfect background piece for a horror film/video. It is not too overwhelming so it will not take away from what is going on in the shot. It has a strong sense of eeriness to the music so the point of "scary" will be driven home. Layered sounds, echoes, and the right music scale to give it that horror feel.

Description: A track that has a mix of sci fi, horror, and almost alien type sounds. Orchestra sounds mixed with sound effects and synth. Perfect for an intro to a modern science fiction show, horror movie credits or any videos meant to bring chills to the viewer

Description: Great for an intro to a horror/ghost tv show or movie. Has an upbeat yet haunting sound. Low vocals and bass so when it is played through a good sound system the "deepness" to the track really comes out. With the occasional "devils voice/breath" throughout.

Description: Just the perfect synth sound for the start of a horror film. This short piece with direction, but no specific melody, uses the minor gypsy scale. Listen and you will get the feel of retro scary movie.