Description: An experimental choral sci-fi trailer score with epic mood. Main instruments are electro guitar, strings ensemble, acoustic guitar, choir, sound designs, dubstep elements, riser effects, cinematic impacts, heavy drums, bram hits, female vocal and electonic synths. Heavy, powerful, intense, dramatic, escalating, loud, modern and epic. Ideal for commercial use, movie trailers, video games and product introductions. Track is releated as movie trailer, film trailer, orchestral music, orchestral trailer, sci-fi trailer, blockbuster trailer, video game soundtrack, movie soundtrack, epic soundtrack, trailer music, experimental trailer, trailer score, sound design trailer, epic dubstep, epic rock, epic trailer, orchestral rock, intense trailer, dramatic trailer, choral trailer, dark trailer, hollywood trailer, energetic, edgy, hard, pushy, tension, massive, explosive, uplifting, action trailer, instrumental music, background music, electro-orchestral and cinematic trailer.

Description: Starts with explosive hollywood-styled braam sound effects and hit impacts that similar to inception's trailer song. Very intense, powerful, strong and heavy. The main instruments are epic strings ensemble, dramatic men and women choir, explosive rhythmic cinematic drums, sound design effects blending with melodic electronic sounds. Edgy and pushy powerful choir conveys the epic and powerful slow crescendo. Ideal for Cinematic Trailers, Epic Trailers, Dramatic Trailers, Blockbuster Trailers, Film Trailers, Action Trailers, Epic Soundtracks, Hollywood Movie Trailers, Modern Trailers, Sc-Fi Trailers, Horror Movie Trailers, Blockbuster Trailers, Hi-Technology Science Fiction Films. Instrumental, Action Intense Orchestral Music. Sounds similar to Two Steps From Hell and Steve Jablonsky's music.

Description: Orchestral music with new age flair. Sweet and mellow orchestral opening, builds in intensity at the 1 minute mark, mostly stable with the same melodies. Dramatic violin melody with staccato strings harmonies. Soft at the begining, hard at the ending, intelligent and emotional. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Energizing Music

Description: A dramatic epic music with orchestral instruments such as brass, strings, percussions and choir. Conveys a sense of heroism or the beginning of a long adventure or quest. Emotional, stirring, powerful. Beautiful atmospheric background vocals add to the important feelng of the music. Instrumental, Action Music, Action Impending Orchestral

Description: Starts with a reverbed vocal scream, while explosive impacts are dropping bass until glissandi brass comes in and takes the song to yet another level. Epic trailer track with a slowed down tempo at the end. Mind blowing effects, adventurous. Conveys a feeling of glory, victory, courage and bravery. Instrumental, Action Music, Action Intense Orchestral

Description: Starts with hollywood-styled sad female choral voice. Many sound fx and trailer horn impact similar to inception's trailer song. Epicness meets with sadness. Very intense and heavy. Choir, strings and drum machines. Uplifting structure, professional synths. Ideal for Cinematic Epic Movie Trailers. Instrumental, Action Music, Action Intense Orchestral

Description: Dramatic orchestral hybrid soundtrack. Melodic staccato violin strings with brass and epic choral voice. Sweeping, adventruous, builds in intensity. Great for fantasy films and video games. Wonderment, excitement, reaching for the stars. Bright, lively, and beautiful. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Patriotic Music

Description: An epic trailer song with many orchestral instruments such as ethnic vocal, brass, strings, flute and heavy drums. It's mixed up with electronic synths. It's over 2 minutes length. It has epic staccato choir at the end that reads syllables very loud. You'll feel of the victory, glory, breavery and epicness.

Description: Epic action film score soundtrack with massive orchestral elements such as drums, percussions, strings, epic chorus, crash, drum hits, taikos, brass, horns and deep boom sounds. It is blending with trailer riser effects, downer effects for breathing between loops, pulses, building with ambient pads for atmospheric feeling and brilliant textures underscore. Mood is epic, dominant, escalating, uplifting, bold, experimental, motivational, explosive, boosting, suspense, impressive, expressive, triumphant, rhythmic. This music track is ideal for extreme cinematic trailers, big action films, original and creative science fiction trailers, imposing movie trailers, advertising, stunning commercials, fighting and chasing scenes.

Description: This track is similar to the song called Requiem For A Dream (a.k.a Lux Aeterna by Clint mansell). It has different melodies in same chord.There is no royalty issues.Very epic hybrid drums structure with piano and strings.Conveys the feeling of epicness,heroism and patriotism.Uplifting the action to the very end with a fast tempo.Boomy,heavy, intense and powerful.Ideal for film trailers and cinematic movies.Orchestral Music, Film soundtracks, Instrumental Background. Explosive Orchestral background music. Epic film soundtrack, cinematic trailer, heroic music, epic choir, Hybrid Trailer, Trailer Music.

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