Description: Soundalike Tron Legacy. Orchestral elements with electronics lead and effects.

Description: Track very similar to Adele's Skyfall. Orchestral and classical bands elements, sounds like old James Bond movies.

Description: Track with tiny sounds, mallets,string and flutes pizzicato. Fits well for works about childhood, youth and children. Background made of drum and acoustic bass.

Description: Thriller track, with synths and special effects that creates a perfect mysterious and dark atmospheres. Strings and piano with riff full of suspense.

Description: Romantic track, with orchestral elemtents, accordion and drum. Very relaxing, fit very well with romantic scenes.

Description: Trailer music, with orchestral elements , electric guitar and hard rock drum. Fit very well with action scenes.

Description: High and powerful percussion with orchestral elements, fit perfectly for trailers and action scenes.

Description: Powerful orchestral elements, such as percussion, choirs and staccato strings with electonics guitar and hard rock drums. Fit very well with action movie scene and trailers