Description: sad adagio arranged with orchestral strings & piano.

Description: Romantic and sentimental soundtrack featuring classical piano lines, bells, harpsichord, choir, orchestral strings section and a gentle percussion. This music will fit well for love and touching situations, romantic, documentary, cinematic type projects.

Description: Melodic piano that builds into a full orchestral section before going back to the main theme again.

Description: A curious person spying for the main character. He makes some steps and freezes to check out if he is still unnoticed. The theme is created with drums, bass, brass, woods and FX. It is good for comedy movie, cartoon or animation or just fun video about spying.

Description: Uptempo orchestral theme with strings and flute melody.

Description: A score inspired by a Lion King like sound :) Fun for anything....Mostly for adventurous themes

Description: Inspirational, noble, film, choir, main title theme, movie thematic

Description: iano and strings in this beautiful music track create touching bittersweet melody that will enhance the emotion you want to translate via your project. The tune can be used in slideshow, opening of some programs, movie scene and any other work.

Description: Short upbeat orchestral theme.

Description: A victorious sounding piece...embellished with strings and synth...A great piece for any action sequence..

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