Description: A short combination of orchestral strings, dramatic drum rolls and deep bass to provide a dramatic end or scene build up.

Description: Dramatic orchestral strings create a short, tense finale style melody useful for dramatic endings, finishing scenes or epic cliff hanger climax's.

Description: Short, tense piano based sequence with omminous piano chords and piercing high strings, punctuated with doom base notes. Has down beat, forbodeing feel.

Description: Strident orchestral arrangement leading into strong trumpet melody. May suggest legal/courtroom drama. Also has royal/regal feel.

Description: Surging full string orchestra suggests epic battle or dramatic scene with lots of action and sense of a legendary end battle scene. Marching drums suggest an epic war or clash of weapons as if were two warriors fighting and clashing swords. Very epic dramatic track, very useful for epic war scenes or dramatic film or broadcast.

Description: Waltzing Accordian and swift strings create Ballroom dance style piece.

Description: Track starts slowly with a string and piano combination, which gradually builds offering a sense of inspiration, determination and resolve. Very useful composition for film promo or trailer to imply success, mournful loss, remembrance or heroic inspiration.

Description: Mysterious, magical chimes backed with deep bass and piano chords create a fantasy themed background track suitable for spooky, mysterious style projects. Excellent for nervy build-ups or enchanting magical adventures.

Description: A dramatic array of guitar strums and edgy piano chords backed with dramatic orchestral strings create a cinematic background track for dramatic film scene. The track suggests a heroic/epic film scene, combining a sense of hope, emotion and determination.

Description: Dramatic piano and sensual flute in the background provide a peaceful yet sentimental melody with strong emotional elements. The track starts fairly depressing, however shows more happiness as it progresses making it useful for documentary or dramatic cinematic scenes.

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