Description: This piece is an emotional movement, that brings happiness and warmth, of a fresh new start in life. afer struggls, this piano track is the right mood for a possessive change. Ideal for business commercials, romantic scenes, films and TV.

Description: This track featuring acoustic guitar melodies, that the wind carries and brings feelings of warmth and nostalgic moments. Ideal for films, TV and in any number of applications as background music

Description: This track featuring acoustic guitar and a piano, brings fuzzy warm feelings to listener. Ideal for films, TV & background music.

Description: This is a heart warming, emotive and a bitter sweet melody, recorded live with a marvelous grand piano, acoustic guitar and symphonic string orchestra. “Home Again” captures that nostalgic feeling, that arises at the end of a long journey at life. This track is ideal for film, drama, documentaries and other media.