Description: A short combination of orchestral strings, dramatic drum rolls and deep bass to provide a dramatic end or scene build up.

Description: Dramatic orchestral strings and deep bass instruments immediately create a sense of threat at the start as gradually timpani, glockenspiel and an array of brass instruments combine creating the ultimate dramatic fear atmosphere. Very useful for dramatic horror or tension. Features many alternating dramatic ups and downs which resemble sudden fear to relief, then sudden dramatic fear rising again and again.

Description: Strident orchestral arrangement leading into strong trumpet melody. May suggest legal/courtroom drama. Also has royal/regal feel.

Description: Waltzing Accordian and swift strings create Ballroom dance style piece.

Description: Cinematic horror style track with a pulsating Jaws style melody featuring foreboding pulsing piano and drums and searing violin strings. A perfect track for building tense climax’s or conveying a threat approaching. A very dramatic track with horrific instrumental bursts and effects throughout. Works great for chase scenes.

Description: Dramatic orchestral strings create a short, tense finale style melody useful for dramatic endings, finishing scenes or epic cliff hanger climax's.

Description: Surging full string orchestra suggests epic battle or dramatic scene with lots of action and sense of a legendary end battle scene. Marching drums suggest an epic war or clash of weapons as if were two warriors fighting and clashing swords. Very epic dramatic track, very useful for epic war scenes or dramatic film or broadcast.

Description: A rushy paced dramatic electric synth shimmers implying adrenaline which is backed by deep pounding drums and dramatic horns implying an escape or dramatic panic scene. Very useful dramatic theme music for TV action series.

Description: A slow drum beat backed with distant electric guitar riffs create an edgy questioning melody designed for crime related projects such as detective, police, FBI or projects which involve suspicion or elements of tension. Work great for deep in thought scenes or projects requiring dramatic tension or suspense.

Description: Dramatic piano chords and sudden drums rolls create an ideal background piece for an intense drama or crime scene. Serious strings add a slight sense of emotional unbalance and danger.

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