Description: an uptempo, dynamic inspirational theme - strings, horns, woodwinds, drums, harp, chimes.

Description: Dramatic theme featuring Bawu (Wind Instrument), Strings, Horns, Percussion

Description: Dramatic theme, featuring a nay (wind instrument), synthesized thunder, snare drum, middle eastern percussion, acoustic guitar, string basses, harp, and violins

Description: Dramatic, heroic theme featuring timpani, pizzicato strings, french horns, flutes, trumpets, clarinets, trombones, violins, violas, harp, choir, cymbal, and bass drum

Description: Orchestral theme with an Americana feel, featuring brass and patriotic flutes, with a dynamic ending

Description: This moody theme mixes Asian and African instruments with ambient electronics and simple piano work

Description: Dramatic, suspense theme featuring solo violin, cellos, French horns, harp, violins, and tuba

Description: Dramatic orchestral theme featuring violins, string basses, gong, violas, piano, tuba, clarinets, cymbal, timpani, cellos, french horns, solo trumpet, trombones, flutes, and chimes

Description: Emotional theme featuring solo acoustic guitar, string basses, and solo trumpet

Description: Emotional pop piece, feauturing piano, solo violin, french horns, and pizzicato strings

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