Description: Starting with a helicopter passing this instrumental with out the lyrics is an anti war anthem. All the percussion in this piece is military guns and armament. A heavy arpeggio gives this a driving malevolence. 120 bpm (approximately).

Description: This music was created for a karate kids film titled ""Pocket Ninjas"". A dark, mysterious themed piece with a good rock tempo. There are 20 pieces total to the entire ""Pocket Ninjas"" sound track. This is Part 3 of 20. 119 bpm (approximately).

Description: The illusion of the speeded up passing of time. Rhythmic piano figures with solo cello and reversed effects. Main mix, 60, 30, and 10 sec versions available

Description: Poignant and moving, worthy for a sweet film scene. The romantic and delicate moments will be highlighted very well by this mellow piece.

Description: Very dramatic, but not exhebitionist, guitar solo. Sounds very natural and acoustic.

Description: SLOW / QUIET / DRAMATIC CELLO over dreamy glassy ambient pad. Like something is stirring, a change, an awakening, or a major revelation is taking place.

Description: calm piano with minimal background

Description: surreal track with effects and piano

Description: Huge string track with drums

Description: chill ethereal tune with piano