Description: Drama, Ethnic, Ethnic-Africa, Drama-Tension, Anticipation, Dark, Dangerous, Suspense, Serious, Pensive, Ominous, Adventure, Mysterious, in a Adventurous, Mysterious mood, featuring Strings, Percussion, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: Specialty, Drama, Cinema, Mysterious, Dark, Edgy, Eerie, Simple, Sinister, in a Confident, Emotional mood, featuring Violin, with a Mid tempo

Description: Cinema, Drama, Specialty, Warm, Tribal, Expressive, Simple, Driving, Percussive, in a Confident, Energetic mood, featuring Drums, Bongos, with a Fast tempo

Description: Drama, Drama-Danger, Drama-Epic, Drama-Fantasy, Drama-Horror, Drama-Human Emotions, Drama-Sci Fi, Drama-Suspense, Sci Fi, Mysterious, Reflective, Flowing, Alluring, Dangerous, Dark, Repetitive, Suspense, Regional, Evil, Tension, Eerie, Breathy, Sad, Intrigue, Horror, Freaky, Warm, Expressive, Soft, Serious, Quirky, Pensive, Peaceful, Delicate, Dreamy, Ethereal, Moody, Atmospheric, in a Mysterious, Scary, Reflective, Emotional mood, featuring Strings, Synth, Piano, Orchestra, Violin, with a Varied, Very Slow tempo

Description: Drama, Drama-Adventure, Drama-Suspense, Mysterious, Punchy, Pulsing, Building, Anticipation, Determined, Serious, Explosive, Suspense, Tension, Confident, Electronic, Beautiful, Detective, Pleasant, Warm, Traveling, in a Mysterious, Confident, Reflective, Sensitive, Emotional mood, featuring Synth, Strings, Drums, Electronic, Guitar, Acoustic, with a Mid, Slow tempo

Description: Drama, Epic, Sci Fi, Suspense, Tension, Horror, Danger, Building, Mysterious, Determined, Technological, Futuristic, Tension, Suspense, Explosive, Reflective, Confident, Anticipation, Poignant, Surreal, Electronic, Sinister, Edgy, Detective, Dark, Dangerous, Dramatic, Drastic, Evil, Eerie, Dreary, Ethereal, Ambient, Menacing, in a Mysterious, Adventurous mood, featuring Synth, Piano, Effects, with a Medium Fast, Mid tempo

Description: Drama, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Tension, Drama-Action, Drama-Danger, Drama-Adventure, Tension, Determined, Dark, Dangerous, Action, Adventure, Suspense, Mysterious, in a Mysterious, Adventurous mood, featuring Synth, with a Fast tempo

Description: Drama, Drama-Adventure, Fanfares, Bad, Prestigious, Proud, Positive, in a Prestigious mood, featuring French Horn, Horn, with a Slow tempo

Description: Industry & Technology, Technological, Mechanical, Mysterious, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Piano, Strings, Synth, with a Mid tempo