Description: Adventurous Feel With Percussive Beats And Various Synth Sounds

Description: This track featuring acoustic guitar melodies, that the wind carries and brings feelings of warmth and nostalgic moments. Ideal for films, TV and in any number of applications as background music

Description: Drama, Drama-Action, Drama-Adventure, Drama-Danger, Drama-Epic, Drama-Fantasy, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Sci Fi, Drama-Tension, Classical, Classical-Pop, Atmospheric, Big, Dramatic, Dark, Dynamic, Epic, Intense, Tension, Stately, Strong, Patriotic, Menacing, Majestic, in a Majestic, Powerful, Prestigious mood, featuring Orchestra, Brass, Percussion, Strings, Drums, Snare, with a Mid tempo

Description: filmmusik, scoremusic, filmmusic, suspense, african ambience, atmosphere.

Description: Epic dramatic music reflecting a dangerous world on a grand scale filled with catastrophic doom, death and destruction. Designed for disaster themes, dark documentaries, crime dramas, tragic events, CIA and terrorist news coverage, movie trailer music and video games.

Description: Melancholy, sad, downcast, sad state of loneliness

Description: Magical and warm with introspective piano and lush strings depict a scene of discovery and wonder.

Description: Forgotton features an enigmatic harp with melodic piano with sentimental strings. The style is romantic, gentle and elegant with a sentimental tone invoking angelic innocence. Heavenly and pastoral it takes you to a place of elegance and beauty and leaves with a thought of what might have been..

Description: Elegant, Dramatic and Majestic, this cinematic orchestral score feature lush strings, mellow brass, epic percussion, and woodwinds. Influences by TV shows such as Game of Thrones, this music tells the story of knights clad in armor, sword fights, rescuing damsels in distress, and fighting dragons. Ideally suited for epic trailer music, video games, promos, commercials, film and TV.

Description: Suspenseful Airy Gloomy Drama Without Drums Alt Mix