Description: slow ambient underscore with piano.

Description: Dark Underground instrumental featuring acoustic piano. Possible uses can range from dark preparation scenes, trailers, etc.

Description: Lovely cinematic choral choir track with modern effects and sweet strings. I have made several choral tracks which accompany film / tv / drama / advertising very well. High production values and touching song.

Description: Mysterious and magical musical drama. Quiet and suspenseful beginning of the track. Then it becomes more aggressive and has some atmospheres like the soundtrack to a fairytale. Great for movie trailer. Big orchestra and Sound Fxs. Just listen.

Description: Toccata in d-minor from Toccata & Fugue by Johan Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) played on a pipe organ. Various tempi, 4/4, d-minor.

Description: light synth moves to hi hat and drums with slow synth textures.

Description: Epic, driving rhythm, up-tempo, very dark, very intense, choir, huge climax leading into melodic and shredding guitar solo.

Description: Epic cinematic music in classical soundtrack style with big orchestra, epic choir, epic drums and heavy guitars

Description: Beautiful and deeply emotional piano melodies with uplifting and swelling orchestration that will shed some tears. Perfect as an underscore for scenes of love, romance, longing, loss, breakups and sadness as well as Valentines Day projects, soap operas, dramas and scenes of solemn reflection.