Description: Pure, clean and simple, melodic piano and cello cue, has a very mellow and pretty vibe. Great underscore or backround cue for travel product theme. Introduction of cello adds a touch of depth that suit many commercial uses.

Description: Swaggering dirty guitars with a great groove, forceful, driving cue. Pounding percussion with pacy guitars. Great for commercial or corporate use. Great masculine action vibe. Think Iron Man this cue is versatile and has so many uses... Corporate, film score, reality tv, commercial...

Description: If you have a flavour for dirty guitars with pounding percussion and an electro vibe playing alongside. If you are looking for an unusual cue to grab attention this is for you. Using the Ironman theme as inspiration this is a great underscore music cue

Description: Emotional piano melody, both classical and contemporary. As the tracks moves a lighter piano and then strings to give a wonderful cinematic theme to any underscore theme. Very moving yet simple enough not to detract from the visual.

Description: This cue was inspired by John Murphy's "In The House", Piano and percussion work well here to create a tense mood, very dramatic and thrilling. Great for underscore cue if you are looking for a edge of seat suspense.

Description: Fast-paced exciting guitar cue, sharp piercing strings, suitable for any intro, web promo or would work well as an action theme.

Description: Startling strings with percussion that will make your heart jump, a mournful cello plays in the backround. Introduction of bass and guitar gives the cue complexity and variation. Great for any car commercial, web promo or product presentation that you want to steal attention or if you are looking for a show stopping theme, then look no further...

Description: Anguished and melodic piano, heartfelt and emotive for a moment's soul searching. The piano slowly builds with final notation that will leave you breathless.

Description: Sensational sweeping strings for a moment of high drama, cue ends with a flourish. Good for gaming or transition. Bright and exciting ehough to take you and your breath away. Great for moments of high fdrama or classical product placement.

Description: Acoustic nylon string guitar with mournful violin, elegant, leaving a heartfelt sense of loss. This is an emotional amd moving cue suitable for both game and creating a fantastic dramatic theme for underscore.