Description: Powerful piano melody for a suspense cue, the intoduction of synth bass picks up the pace creating tension. Scorching strings create an exciting atmospheric feeling of resolution and acceptance but leaves a darker element of doubt. Suitable for trailer music or a thriller cue.

Description: Doctors dramatically try to figure out what is making you sick.

Description: Deeply expressive dramatic music reflecting the dark mystery and dreamy wonderment of the everlasting unknown. Cinematic music with an enigmatic vibe underscoring the mysteries of life and human destiny. Designed for Film and TV music, documentaries, investigative reports, crime dramas, soap operas and movie trailers.

Description: Dramatic music with piano and beats

Description: Solo piano, pop ballad style, wistful and moody.

Description: explosive and violent action cinema music, dark and dangerous.

Description: A powerful sad piece that could accompany a dramatic death scene.

Description: Piano and strings bring warm, heartfelt emotion for the tender moments of life.