Description: Dramatic piano combined with stunning stunning, heartfelt, melodic and emotive for a moment's soul searching. This track will will suit dramatic filmscore. The piano slowly builds alongside an ambient undertone that will leave you breathless.

Description: Beautiful cinematic underscore, ambient and melodic, perfect for filmscore where you require a poignant music cue. The track combines ambient pads with guitars and strings to create an emotional narrative that will adapt itself to many visuals.

Description: Exciting, electro vibe, good percussion with a strong drive. The cue has a scientific feel, think CSI tech moments! If you are looking for a suspense/action music cue this will sit well for any moment od dramatic high tension, perfect for crime/stalker moments!

Description: Beautiful ambient groove with percussion, great simple melody will work well on advert or corporate use. The cue has a positive good, uplifting vibe that will enhance any product placement whilst emphasizing wholesome family values that you can trust.

Description: Time is now Zeitgeist Vibe! Sleek sexy electro tune, elements of mystery and suspence, good for underscore and will work with so many products, science, technology, telecoms, wireless. Percussive beats and rhythms drive the track along, fast and vibrant tones. CSI science visuals

Description: Dirty synths and electro melody. Time is now Zeitgeist Vibe! Sleek and sexy electro tune. pacy percussion driving the track along, fast and vibrant tones. Works well for any advertising or product placement. Tight breaks to allow sharp and easy edits.

Description: Lush piano melody, warm and satisfying with an uplifting vibe that brings a smile to your face. Wholesome, Good and heartwarming leaving you with feeling of peace and tranquility.

Description: Stunning piano cue with an emotional cello which is both mournful and yet uplifting. Soaring strings, an Instrumental ballad that will take you on a journey of emotions. Great for finacial product advertising, a cue which is wholesome and has integrity, a product you can trust.

Description: Hybrid music track, classical piano with contemporary distorted guitar. Emotional and moving, darker element and the suprising introduction of a fast paced percussive loop. Lots of options to edit and cut the cue up due to the changing nature of the track. Great for Film score.

Description: Startling strings with percussion that will make your heart jump, a mournful cello. Plays in the backround. Introduction of bass and guitar gives the cue complexity and variation.