Description: Sad music that plays a background role.

Description: Begins slow and contemplative, but slowly builds to epic proportions. Some things are worth fighting for!

Description: This inspirational and dramatic track starts out with solo piano and gradually builds intensity as strong percussion and orchestra join in. It is an emotional and cinematic track with vibes of hope, triumph, rising above and conquering. Perfect for military documentaries about war heroes, epic stories etc, dramatic movie trailers, action films, powerful tv promos, inspiring advertisements and anything where you need an epic and moving underscore.

Description: “Phrase One” is a mysterious, suspenseful and yet uplifting opening sections leads to an intense, building and propulsive track Perfect for trailers advertising sci fi or modern warfare games and films.

Description: Cinema, Drama, Drama-Danger, Drama-Adventure, Atmospheric, Epic, Tension, Suspense, in a Confident mood, featuring Orchestra, Synth, Percussion, Strings, with a Mid tempo

Description: Some sadness with rhodes, bells and electric guitar

Description: Tardis Sci-Fi Industrial Machinery Effects Noise

Description: Wondrous masterful music reflecting the Creation and the original bringing into existence of the Garden of Eden. An orchestral rendering of the awe and splendor of the first day in Paradise. Take a magical journey to a Shangri-La of musical delights and sonic amazement.

Description: Orchestral music with new age flair. Sweet and mellow orchestral opening, builds in intensity at the 1 minute mark, mostly stable with the same melodies. Dramatic violin melody with staccato strings harmonies. Soft at the begining, hard at the ending, intelligent and emotional. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Energizing Music

Description: 10 min piano solo of hopeless love