Description: This is a soft and slightly drunk pirate song. You can't resist mate. You be's start believin in pirate're listin' to one! By film composers Timothy Joseph Wells and Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: forbodding, dark and mysterious piece with a hint of ethnic flavor.

Description: Godfather soundalike, sicily mafia music.

Description: Dramatic Orchestral Trailer is an epic cinematic track designed as a 1 minute trailer.

Description: Dramatic Sad Tune With Piano & Guitar (58 Second Loop)

Description: A slow dramatic track that builds in intensity, featuring African drums, such as Djembe and Kahun, and an array of modern sounds including, synth, snare, kick, hi hat and effects. Instrumental, Dramatic Music.

Description: horn, piano, string, stings, orchestra, orchestral, cinema, cinematic, ambient, atmospheric, business, corporate, happy, fun, film, energetic, calm, epic, passionate, optimistic, sexy, mystical, melancholy, haunting, sad, romantic, cool, inspirational, motivational,

Description: Beautiful modern piano and orchestal strings create a majestic feeling of epic proportions. Modern orchestrial percussion provides the drama and an overall impact of grandness is instant. Great of ads, films, tv, documentaries, websites, games, an overall performer, please check out my other versions contained with diff durations.

Description: Dramatic, war music. Stirring, Grand, Movie trailer