Description: Action Drama Orchestral Film Score With Bass

Description: Dark, Dramatic, Intense, Adventurous, Mysterious, Stressful, Suspenseful, Sneaky

Description: mellow, mysterious with kick, snare, tablas and synth

Description: Dramatic, sentimental and sensual cinematic track for your video, audio collections and other projects. Thanks for listening! Instruments: drums, bass, cellos, violins, violas, strings and piano.

Description: mysterious, dark with bass, synths, and chimes

Description: adventure action and medieval music

Description: Tv theme, Confrontational Dark Driving Dramatic Foreboding Intense Nervous

Description: Adventure - сinematic dramatic music. Epic track with different percussions, brasses, strings. Powerful, dramatic, pounding - marching into battle, brave and heroic. Perfect for action, war, action thriller, video game developers. Trailer music, exciting intro, or battle scenes.

Description: Scottish ballad-This piece is dedicated to the battle and the victory of the Scottish Knights Battle of Bannotskburn in 1314. For you, it sounds an acoustic guitar solo. Parts of this track can be illuminations for unusual video, vivid movies and other performances on the theme of victory and the battle