Description: Various Dark Intense Percussion

Description: Drama Mysterious Sparse Strings

Description: Film score, cinematic theme. Sense of mystery and intrigue, development, an unfolding story, with an underlying, almost inviting, darkness,tv theme

Description: Drama Orchestra Big Energetic

Description: Action Drama Orchestral Film Score With Bass

Description: Dark, Dramatic, Intense, Adventurous, Mysterious, Stressful, Suspenseful, Sneaky

Description: mellow, mysterious with kick, snare, tablas and synth

Description: mysterious, dark with bass, synths, and chimes

Description: Adventure - сinematic dramatic music. Epic track with different percussions, brasses, strings. Powerful, dramatic, pounding - marching into battle, brave and heroic. Perfect for action, war, action thriller, video game developers. Trailer music, exciting intro, or battle scenes.

Description: Relaxing Piano - Mutter Clouds is a soul-soother, and comforting inspirer. Creating music for you to inspire the world. E-mail for a custom track made for just your lovely self. Cheers!