Description: dramatic, inspiring, dark, triumphant, moving, intense, suspenseful, 30 seconds, instrumental, strings, piano.

Description: French Horns on a simple, but dramatic single note [G], suitable for a short significant moment, quieter and less intense than "horn evil".

Description: This is a Powerful Epic Dramatic Cinematic Battle Scene Trailer looped music track with exciting sound. Track contain different bright instuments – big war battle drums, violins, cello, live bass, fx, choirs, strings, brass, cymbal, electric guitar, synths etc…This loop track can be used anywhere – in war games and movies, documentary scientific films, as a movie trailer or epic, adventure music for website background..

Description: This track is action music theme for trailer. It is really useful for horror and suspense movie, games and more.

Description: This emotional, powerful and motivational background piece is great for commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, transition, TV, radio and film. Emotional and inspiring music fit perfect for your great projects.