Description: Slow, dramatic, nylon string guitar piece

Description: Mysterious, dark and suspenseful cinematic music piece great for TV series, films and documentaries in the crime and action genre.

Description: Flute Ethnic Mysterious Sparse Percussion Strings

Description: Drama, Cinema, Specialty, Warm, Tribal, Expressive, Simple, Driving, Percussive, in a Confident, Energetic mood, featuring Drums, Bongos, with a Fast tempo

Description: Americana, Panorama, Bright, Middle Of The Road, Mor, Rambling, Traveling, Uplifting, Panoramic, Positive, in a Energetic, Positive mood, featuring Guitar, Acoustic, Electric, Percussion, with a Mid tempo

Description: very slow peaceful guitar with ambient background

Description: Flute Ethnic Mysterious Reflective Percussion Strings

Description: Drama Flute Ethnic Confident Mysterious Percussion Strings

Description: Flute Ethnic Dark Mysterious Sparse Strings

Description: Flute Ethnic Dark Reflective Sparse Percussion Strings